Get ready for the Galaxy of Lights this year


The Huntsville Botanical Gardens made a few upgrades to its annual Galaxy of Lights event.
The festivities begin Nov. 10 when visitors will be able to walk through the attraction via the newly-paved sidewalks and bridges, according to the Gardens’ website.
In all there will be about 200 different displays.
Driving tours begin Friday, Nov. 24 and run until Dec. 31. The attraction will be closed for Thanksgiving.
To walk, it will cost $6 for adults and $3 for children if you’re a member. For non-members, it’s $7 and $4.
And, if you want to bring your dog, you can on Nov. 13 and Nov. 20 at a cost of $1 per pooch. For the driving tours it is $25 per car for up to 10 people and $3 per person after that. If you manage to cram more than 10 people into a car, please share the photo with us on our Facebook page.
Be sure to double check the dates and prices here: as things can change.