Keller Williams is now No. 1 in Real Estate



Recently, our company – Keller Williams – became the number one real estate company in the United States. That means we have more agents helping more clients than anyone else in our industry.

So, first, we wanted to say thank you, because whether you’re a current client, past client, or a future client, you are the reason we’re in business.

And, secondly, we wanted to share why our family has chosen to associate with Keller Williams for well over a decade.

If you’ve read any business article or best-selling business books lately, you’ve probably heard about the role culture plays in an organization. KW was working hard to develop a culture that helps its agents serve their clients before all the buzzwords about culture had been spoken into existence.

Our clients benefit from that culture because when you hire a KW agent, you get the infrastructure, knowledge base and experience of everyone in the local market center. There are very few other companies who can compete with those resources. That’s why we chose Keller Williams and you should, too.

By the numbers