New magnet school could boost local real estate market


Huntsville will be the site of a new magnet school focusing engineering and cyber technology by 2020.

Gov. Kay Ivey announced plans for the new school during her State of the State Speech on Jan. 9.

“This school will prepare some of our state’s highest-achieving students to enter the growing fields of cyber technology and engineering,” Ivey said during her remarks.  “Just as Huntsville has always been on the leading edge of the rocket and aerospace industries, the Alabama School of Cyber and Engineering will ensure that Alabama students are at the forefront of today’s emerging technologies.”

The location for the Alabama School of Cyber and Engineering hasn’t been announced.

“Education is especially effective when there is a concentration on particular subjects or skills,” Ivey said. “The Alabama School of Fine Arts in Birmingham, and the Alabama School of Mathematics and Science in Mobile, are special-focus schools which effectively prepare their students for rewarding careers. As workforce needs evolve, we must create educational opportunities that prepare our people to meet those needs.”


How does that affect the local real estate market?

There’s no doubt families with children take the quality of local schools into consideration when they purchase a home. An article from highlights some of the extreme instances of this, but even for the average home buyer schools are usually a big deal.

That’s why the expansion of the educational opportunities in Huntsville should have a positive impact on the local real estate market.